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Suspension DOGY for CROOZER - English

Suspension DOGY components for trailers CROOZER and XLC

Suspension DOGY Spring makes your trailer secure, comfortable and safe for your child.

When you go with a trailer without any spring, there can occur vibrations which are unpleasant but can also be health hazard for our baby.

We recommend using unsprung trailer only on 100% smooth terrain which unfortunately we can not find in the Czech Republic. Not even asphalt roads are 100% smooth and there happen many vibrations and shocks in the trailer.

With the DOGY springyou can fearlessly leave even the asphalt roads and you can go with your baby into nature, without the danger of cars and fumes from them. You can take beautiful dirty roads and paths - fresh air, no noise, pleasant peaceful environment for you and your dearest.

Instead of an annoying and bumpy ride with a traileryou will have a cozy, comfortable and friendly carriage for your baby from an early age.

The one, who has not seen or never tried it, has no idea how much difference it makes: to ride on a trail with and without the spring.

DOGY components springhas been manufactured since 2009. It is certified by the Czech Office for Engineering, which guarantee its customers quality, functionality, reliability.

The difference between the original Sylomer spring of trailers Croozer Plus and DOGY componentsspring:

The possibility of smooth regulation of spring rate - DOGY spring is designed to satisfy children of all weight categories (according to the manufacturer: trailers for 1 child - load up to 35 kg, two-seat trailer - load up to 45 kg).

DOGY spring can regulate a spring rate and it makes the trailer really comfortable for every child. If you carry a baby weighing a few kilograms you need to have the suspension set to the softest rate even with this minimum load. This is a problem for all other original spring systems - both Croozer trailers and Thule / Chariot trailers.)

  1.  Big Lift of spring - DOGY spring has the spring lift twice bigger than Sylomer spring. It depends on how you set the DOGY spring yourself. Spring lift is up to 12 cm so it absorbs almost every bump or bigger hollow.
  2. possibility to disable the spring - if you would like to disable the trailer spring it is possible to use "Deactivation straps" that can be found in our e-shop. This is not possible with the trailer CROOZER PLUS Sylomer spring. And when can we disable the spring? For example when walking downhill in very rough terrain. There it is better either limit the spring (to adjust spring stiffness from soft to stiffer) or disables it completely. The trailer will be easier to control.

  3. headway of trailer when using the DOGY spring - slight increase of trailer headway means better off-road capability while keeping low center of gravity

  4. another advantage of trailer with the DOGY componentsspring is better trailer stability - not only in terrain but also on smooth surface - on the roads. The trailer also "sits" better in curves. Thanks to DOGY spring the trailer is wider about 3,5 cm on each side. The rate of expansion is given by the original wheel axle which is maintained. So it is not necessary to change the trailer construction or change or modify wheels and so on. The trailer is more stable while riding. It sits on the road perfectly and it is almost impossible to flip it over.

  5. the low price of trailer spring as a set (compared to original trailer springCroozer PLUS). The price of trailer CROOZER Kid for 1 (2) + DOGY spring is about a couple of thousands of Czech crowns lower

  6. Modern original design


DOGY components spring is manufactured in two material versions:

  • DOGY LIGHT Spring: duralumin spring is lighter, stainless, firmer, supplied with two bearings on each side of the trailer. It is certified for 1 and 2-seat trailers loaded up to 45 kg. Surface working: anodized.
  • DOGY Economy Spring: steel Economy spring is supplied with a bearing on each side and is certified for one-seat trailers loaded up to 35 kg. Surface working: Powder paint/powder coated. Manufactured in different colors.

DOGY components spring is designed so that you can mount it on a trailer without any other trailer adjustments and changes. It is installed into the original holes so customers do not loose warranty of the trailer. Nothing is necessary to be cut, drilled etc. Installation is performed by common tools which certainly everyone has in his home workshop. (Key 10, 11, 19, Allen key 4 mm.) The spring is delivered with a manual or the installation can be watched on YouTube. Surely everyone can manage the installation without difficulty.

Spring element on DOGY spring isspring. You can always find one pair of springs for trailers weight of 0-25 kg in a set. But we can offer you springs for trailers weight of 25-45 kg. You can find them in our e-shop.

 Parking brake: It is also possible to use DOGY spring with original parking brake Croozer. However, this only applies to trailers Croozer made in the years 2005-2012. These are the trailers where each side of the trailer is braked separately. (2 levers with red balls). Trailers, which have been produced since the 2nd half of 2012, have only one lever which brakes both sides and it is necessary to dismount this brake. As a substitute, we offer our DOGY components parking brake. You can find it in our e-shop.

The parking brakes differ according to year of manufacture of a trailer. We have 2 types of parking brakes:

  • for trailers Croozer and XLC 2012-2015
  • for trailers CROOZER and XLC 2016+

 These brakes are designed as well as brakes for trailers Croozer 2005-2012 or XLC trailers 2014-2015.


Who is our DOGY spring intended for?

For all trailers, CROOZER and XLC manufactured since 2005. If you are not sure which trailer you have and you are worried that your trailer is older, remeasure the axis of the wheel. It must be 12 mm.


DOGY spring is manufactured in three versions according to the year of manufacture

  1. for trailers Croozer 2005-2015 + XLC 2014-2015

  2. for trailers Croozer 2016+ (marked Click Croozer)

  3. for trailers XLC 2016+

Our company DOKOV Ltd. manufacture other components for trailers CROOZER and XLC


FAST SET - quick release set for DOGY sping. This set provides quick disassembly/assemblyof spring without any tools. It is suitable for those who want to use the trailer with or without spring and so they will take the spring on and off. The FAST set is also certified by the Engineering Testing Authority. Fast set can be found in our e-shop.


DOGY components HAND BRAKE SETS. Thanks to them you can safely go in-line skating with your trailer or you can slow down the trailer when going down steeper hills.

We can offer 2 types of brake systems.

  • brake for the front jogging wheel
  • brakes for the rear wheels of the trailer - a similar system offered by Thule / Chariot trailers


To make the walk or in-line skating with trailer much more comfortable we also offer extensions to the trailer handlebars/handles. The handle is extended about 15 cm and lifted up. So the trailer is more comfortable for taller skaters who usually kicks into the bumper of the trailer. Thanks to the extensions you can lengthen your step and walking, jogging and skating will be more natural.


Textile accessories for Croozer and XLC trailers

Thanks to our own experience with trailers we found deficiencies in the textile accessories of trailers.
We offer these products for Croozer and XLC trailers:

  1. Front sun cover in several colors, Velcro fastening in 7 points.

  2. Side sun cover - protects your child from exposure to strong sunlight on the side. The height of sun cover is individually adjustable so you can use only one cover on one side of trailer.

  3. Ventilation reflective nets on the back of the trailer - it will provide better air circulation in a trailer in warm sunny days, your trailer will be more highlighted on the road and when you travel in dark your trailer will be illuminated from a vehicle behind it. The travel on roads will be much safer.

Anti-dust net- the front original net is very thin and a lot of dirt and dust pass through especially when you go on dirt or forest roads. When you use our DOGY anti-dust net your baby will be protected from pollution- dust and the trailer will not have as much dirt as going without this additional net.


We are already preparing other accessories which are at times necessary for the proper and convenient use of the trailer.

If you have any questions or comments about our products, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.


! DOGY spring is protected by industrial design and copying is illegal !

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